Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living On The Cheap: Days 4-6

Well the first week of our Living Cheap Challenge has almost come to a close. I feel like we're learning a lot. At the beginning of the week I felt a lot like Michael Scott in the episode when Carroll breaks up with him. Remember the one when he consoles himself by listening to the same 30 second iTunes clip of Goodbye My Lover, by James Blunt. Well I wasn't trying to console myself, but I did listen to a 30 second clip of Human, by The Killers far more times than I should have. I know all this sounds kind of crazy, why not just buy the song? Its only a buck. But I've learned over and over again throughout this week that Kerra and I both spend so much money on stuff we haven't thought through, don't need, and could use for something better. A little self disclosure. We have almost 5 days, that's right, days of music on our iPod. That's 120 hours of music, and that's just the music we want on our iPod, not to mention all the music on the computer that didn't make the cut. Enough is enough.

I'd be lying if I said that I'm not going to buy music anymore. Its a sincerely important part of my life. In fact, I simply can't wait to buy the She & Him album, but maybe I should act like Michael Scott a little more. My confession. Hi, my name is Kirk and I'm an iTunes addict. I need to listen to clips for a bit to find out if I really like the music, instead of impulsively buying it the day it comes out or the instant I discover it.

And you know what's so cool? Since Kerra and I have started this challenge it seems like God has been so good about showing us all the need around us. It feels good to have a little extra cash, to know that we aren't debiting the world away, and to know that maybe we could help somebody who needs it.

An update. As of 6:30pm on Saturday we have spent exactly $58.00 this week, of which $20.00 paid for two tickets to the Lake Travis State Volleyball game. doesn't really matter but I'm still winning by $2.52. Thanks for your prayers.

Live Love.