Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living On The Cheap: Days 1-3

Today is the 3rd day of the Living Cheap Challenge and let me tell you I am learning a lot of things about myself. But before the lessons learned section of this blog post, I'm glad to report that thus far I am winning having spent $0.00 compared to Kerra's $2.52. Oh and a few rules for clarity. Gas doesn't count in this game because my job is 20 minutes further, thus giving Kerra a clearly unfair advantage. On to what God's teaching me.

When we embarked on this little journey it really was just a game we could use to track our spending habits and give to something we believe in. Over the past three days I'm finding it to be more like a fast though, but without the abstaining from food and mainly dealing with iTunes, eating out, and all the other miscellaneous things like chap-stick that we love to purchase. I think its really good for both of us.

I know the other night we were taking my friend Will to meet his parents in Brady, Texas, two hours away. When I drive late at night, I usually grab some Mike and Ikes, Sunflower Seeds, and a Red Bull to keep me awake, but this evening I knew that wasn't an option. I have to win! So I abstained. It was exceedingly difficult. My oral fixation kicked into high gear, I got tired, and I got ravenously thirsty, about thirty minutes in. I forgot my SIGG. But over those four hours I was reminded again and again that Jesus is more than enough for us. I settled into some really good conversation with Will over the melodies of some Texas Country bands he wanted to show me, and then turned around and had the kind of talks you always hope for but never have with my bride all the way home. Who knew that a little discomfort could lead to such an amazing night?

Pretty cool first couple of days. I've got more stories that I'll have to share later.

Live Love.