Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hopelessness of Hype in a Society of Sermons

So yesterday I was reading through a book my brother Todd recommended while getting my oil changed. Through my reading I took some notes that I'm still working through and they're jumbled, but I thought I'd share them nonetheless.

In regard to the spectacle of mass media, an economic/consumeristic point of view, and the effect it has on us I wrote,

"Our perception of reality is often shaped by promises that cannot be kept, from an alternate reality that could never live up to it's own promises." ie. a mega-store that gives low low prices but costs people their well being somewhere in our periphery or workout equipment that makes us tan and fit.
These promises unkept lead to a certain level of hopelessness, when we wake up from the reality created for us.

"Its the good news of the spectacle." "The gospel of hype."

"Independent thought is often conformity to something called independent thought by those shaping reality. Those creating the spectacle."

"Stop preaching is such an ironic statement in our culture. Its a fraudulent statement, for everywhere we look we are subjected to sermons."

"Every show on every channel we watch, every magazine, every radio show, every class we take, every store we enter, every commercial we watch, every song we hear, every book we read; they all possess a message that shapes us whether we're aware of it or not."

"In essence "Stop Preaching" is a declarative to accept the sermon or sermons I hold dear; accept my world view."
"Stop preaching is itself preaching."
"We need God's guidance because God is the only one who sees things right side up. The only one who gives real hope. The only one who sees clearly, and who's hype lives up to the hype.

That's all for now. I can sense a level of hypocrisy even as I'm writing. Still working through this.

Live Love.