Monday, August 18, 2008

Rick Warren: Politics, Faith, and Hope for the Evangelical Image in America

I've been out of town for the past couple of weeks so I missed some pretty important stuff including episodes of Psych, Burn Notice, the Olympics and most importantly the Presidential Forum led by pastor Rick Warren. I've actually had the chance to watch some of the footage since, and I have to say that Rick Warren brings so much joy to my heart. I know he's not perfect. I even kind of (I mean it when I say "kind of")get some of the issues people have with his leadership, but after watching him take the stage and state that Democrats and Republicans must end an old cycle of demonizing those they disagree with, I can't help but think that he stands to be the most positive leader of national influence since Billy Graham. And for that matter he's different then Graham. He possesses a freshness and balance that I think America needs. Just to know that in the future Pat Robertson and the Evangelical far right will only have a voice in relation to Rick Warren's gives me such hope for the perception of Christians in America on into the future. People need to know that we love them and that we're not crazy. Following Jesus is actually good for the world.

If you want to see the forum, check it out at this site, Sorry I know you have to copy and paste but I'm having trouble with links. Its worth the while.

Live Love.