Monday, September 8, 2008

When My Mouth Doesn't Work, Awkwardness Ensues

Yesterday was a very long day. A great day! But a very long one.
Rush went really well last night. We had a bunch of students. They liked the new t-shirts and sunglasses. The band worshiped and showed all of us a really good time. We talked about Jesus' Kingdom Revolution. Small groups were short but seemed to go pretty well all in all. Jesus was honored.

I also had the opportunity to help with worship in big church yesterday. It was a pretty high honor in light of the fact that it was kick off Sunday morning. When Mark asks me to sing on Sundays I play the role of Flanker. Its really cool. I get to sing and play most of the same things that Mark (Our Worship Pastor) sings and plays. I'm like his support. Its a really cool way to get to serve my worship pastor.

The awkwardness came yesterday morning at 9:27. We would be going on stage in approximately 1 minute so I thought I'd go tell my wife hello. (my office is backstage) So I proceeded to my office, sat down next to my sweet wife, and took a drink of water from the dasani bottle she had purchased for me at McDonalds. For some reason unbeknownst to me my mouth just decided not to work when I took that drink of water, rendering my lips completely ineffective. As though in slow motion I actually watched the water plummet to my lap all over the front of my pants. It was just in the right area too. And guess what? We don't have hand dryers at the church. I was stuck with it.

Almost instantly I hear, "alright everybody on stage." Humiliated I made my way to stage, with my wet pants. Mark said he looked over in the middle of worship and saw what looked to be a spot on the front of my pants. It was reminiscent of elementary school. Awkward and probably pretty funny for those on the first three or four rows.