Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stick Up For Somebody...

I'm a minister. There are always moments when somebody is frustrated with something that I'm doing. I believe that is life. Today I had this moment though, when I was speaking with a friend who informed me that some people expressed their frustration towards me in his presence recently. The details aren't important and we enjoyed time together and then went on to work, but when I got in the car I wondered, "Did that friend stick up for me?" For all I know, I'm sure he did, but still I wondered. I've been thinking today about all those moments in life when we hear people speaking ill of those we either know or don't know; the moments when I don't necessarily trash talk or add to the noise, but instead stand or sit by passively, not wanting to involve myself.

Millennial Christians are often characterized by a heart for those without a voice. We spend time, money and lots of energy promoting our favorite Cause, whether that be sticking up for those in the sex trafficking industry or those without water, and believe me, I'm all for it. Millennials are moving the Kingdom forward in powerful ways. But I'm interested today in a redefinition of speaking up for those without a voice. Let's bring it home. Technically, it means that your speaking on someone's behalf who doesn't presently have a voice. Well everyday, in every office and school across America people are thrown under the proverbial bus, with no way to speak for themselves; they're picked apart and misunderstood and nobody says anything.

You know what friends, when Jesus disciples were attacked by the Pharisees for picking grain on the Sabbath, Jesus stuck up for them. I think its time that we do a better job sticking up for each other, giving one another the benefit of the doubt, defending character and asking people to deal with conflict or hearsay in person. This isn't a call to excuse everything, but instead to deal with it in a healthy manor. In a backstabbing world, we might just speak volumes about Jesus.

So my challenge today for me and for you is to stick up for somebody because don't we all hope that somebody is sticking up for us.