Monday, January 26, 2009

The Divine Conspiracy and a Night to Remember

I've been re-reading The Divine Conspiracy, by Dallas Willard as of late. Its probably my favorite book of all time save the Bible. Richard Foster, another one of my favorite authors said of this book, "Its the book I have been searching for all my life." I agree. Enough about that though. I was reading this morning and came across this section,

"There, at every moment, we live in the interface between our lives and God's kingdom among us. If we are faithful to him here, we learn his cooperative faithfulness to us in turn. We discover the effectiveness of his rule with us precisely in the details of day-to-day existence."

Last night I feel like God made this paragraph very real to me. We asked students bring friends that don't know that God has chosen and loved them. The students came through. We've been praying since December that God would move in the hearts of students and show his power to transform lives. So last night we all experienced something that's always true with the Kingdom, just not always easily perceived; the interface between our lives and God's kingdom among us. From beginning to end we sensed the movement of the Holy Spirit. And when the dust cleared, 5 young ladies had stepped into the Kingdom, deciding to follow Jesus, accepting his grace and reciprocating the love he embodies and gives away so freely.

It is such a mystery, but you know what, the Kingdom is at hand. God is faithful. I am grateful.

Live Love.