Thursday, October 2, 2008

Abram and the Financial Crisis

We all know by now that the financial crisis is bearing down on America in a pretty intense way. Some say its a lot of fear mongering and others say that the end is immanent. I think we can be sure that things will not be the same, even with an enormous congressional bailout. Seems like everybody I talk to is dealing with losing some sum of money. Difficult times. Disruptive times. Disturbing times.

I know there are so many passages from scripture that could better address the present issues, in more relevant ways or maybe even passages that talk about money. But this week I've been studying for a new series called Roots, and I simply cannot shake one specific phrase in Genesis 12. 12:4a says, "So Abram left, as the LORD had told him." So simple. He hadn't been told where he was going specifically. God just said he'd show Abram. He wasn't told what he would do there other than bless those he encountered as YHWH had blessed him. He had a lot to leave. Family. Friends. The life and world he knew. Comfort. And what's with this YHWH anyway, promising to make a great nation out of a couple that couldn't conceive? But he saw something in YHWH that stirred him to action. Two important things stand out to me. Roughly ten generations after the last time God had engaged humanity, God came near and this God blessed. Relational and Generous. Abram didn't know everything about where he was going, or what exactly he would be doing, but he did know who he would be going with. Abram left, as the Lord had told him.

I'm feeling a deep connection with Abram today. Like his story is our story. Like maybe uncertainty doesn't have to be so scary. Maybe just maybe, its not about where we're going, or what will happen when we get there, but mainly who we're going with. And I think I'm on board for whatever may come, cause I know who I'm with. And I pray that somehow God would work in me, in us, a "yes" to whatever he asks or wills.