Monday, May 19, 2008

Trinitarian Leadership

I've felt it coming for a while.
I've even had conversations about it in the past,
but this past Sunday I think that God made it concrete in my heart.

I had the opportunity to join our worship team on Sunday in "big church." We had an excellent time, the name of Jesus was lifted up really high, and I sensed something about the worship team that I've often hoped for in ministry. It happened on stage, but it happened backstage in the green room as well. It took me by surprise and it started my day off in excellent fashion.

This team enjoys each other, loves on each other, encourages each other, and jokes with each other. They possess togetherness.
So it dawned on my about halfway through the second set that this group was simply inviting everyone else in the room into the togetherness with God and each other that was already happening in their midst. It seemed so authentic, magnetic, and easy to join.

It got me to thinking about God last night. How John 1:1 portrays a picture of God and Jesus, facing towards (pros) one another before the world began. About a God who exists in three eternal parts, always encouraging, always loving, always celebrating, and selflessly sharing in a cosmic and holistic togetherness. Then the beauty for us comes when God decides to share that togetherness with the us. How beautiful. How magnetic. What a strong message to the world of inclusion and love.

The simple truth that I'm learning from God and our worship team is that leadership must mirror the Trinity. We must position ourselves towards one another in such a way that we find ourselves simply inviting others into the good, loving, and beautiful thing that's already happening in our midst.